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The most recent project developed by Carpaterraaims at providing an interactive and playful method for primary school children to learn about global concerns, to discover together the benefits of cooperation, to grow a genuine interest and appreciation of the world around them.


Throughout the project, an educational board-game is developed (NEst), having as central theme the migration of birds, their journey north and their return south, their search for food and water resources, their building of a nest. The main goal is to reflect upon global problems such as climate change, desertification, health and population dynamics, pollution, by using the metaphor of migrant birds. The game illustrates the reasons for bird migration, thus encouraging children to inquire into what influences people to migrate; the game is thus an invitation to regard the migration of people just as natural as the migration of birds.


The activities provided for in the project include not only the development design and production of the game, but as well several sessions of playing with primary-school children in 12 schools from Bucharest, Brașov, Covasna and Harghita. 48 games will be donated to the schools in order to serve as an innovating teaching method, equally appealing for children and for teachers alike.


The project is developed in close cooperation with our partners BOZONFERMION Association with the aid of an European Year for Development 2015 grant.



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