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From the Swiss Alps to the Romanian Carpathians


Partnership for sustainable development

In Romania, the custodians of the protected nature areas are with predilection the NGOs that have big responsibilities, but do not receive funding. The protection of the natural areas is a challenging work due to bureaucratic barriers, bushy legislation, lack of interest and motivation of the communities, poor reaction of the national and regional public authorities, poor communication and lack of funding.

Our project called ,,FROM THE SWISS ALPS TO THE ROMANIAN CARPATHIANS - Partnership for Sustainable Development’’ aims to build a durable base for the adequate and effective management of protected natural areas and their sustainable development, through the experience of the Swiss-Romanian partnership. 

The project objectives are:

  • Develop a set of practical tools for the efficient management of protected nature areas and sustainable development of the communities included in those areas, based on the cooperation between the Swiss and Romanian experts and practitioners
  • Increase the awareness of the communities on the protected nature areas as important resources for sustainable development and better standards of life, through an active citizen participation process in the next three years
  • Increase the capacity of local communities to protect and promote the environment and natural resources, by training local guides for protected areas and running education and promotion events

The project activities consist of:

  • Organize a study-tour in Switzerland for Romanian experts in protected areas
  • Organize a visit to Romania for Swiss experts in protected area management and elaborate the project products: the Guide for sustainable development of communities in protected areas and the Collection of Best Practices for custodians of protected areas.
  • Production of a 3D educational film on protected areas to be shown in local communities as part of the Itinerant Museum
  • Information and awareness Campaign on sustainable development of the protected areas and the communities included in those
  • Organize the Itinerant Museum as a non-formal public education tool (exhibition with  vegetation and geology exhibits and 3D film presentation about the uniqueness of protected areas)
  • Training program for the guides of the protected areas, within local communities included in the country's population.
  • Develop the project Sustainability Plan with the support of Swiss-Romanian partnership and monitor its implementation.
  • The project target group is the population of the local communities included in the protected areas and aims to inform and involve them actively in the sustainable development of the communities and of the protected area.
  • The applicant organization is the Carpaterra Association from Brasov, Romania and the Swiss partner is  Association Parc Ela.
  • The project lasts 18 months, from April 2015 until September 2016.
  • The amount requested for funding is 102.407.80 CHF (93,047.80 CHF for the Romanian applicant organization and 9,360.00 CHF for the Swiss partner) and the value of the co-financing from the applicant is 11,500.00 CHF.


Project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution

to the enlarged European Union.

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